Max Rieder was born in 1960 in Saanen and grew up in this region. After an apprenticeship as an architectural draftsman in Gstaad, he continued his education at the technical college of engineering in Burgdorf, graduating in 1984 with distinction and as the best student of his year.

He worked for several years in architectural firms to gain experience and develop his talent, mostly in French-speaking Switzerland, before deciding to travel the world in 1989.

On his return to his homeland he was given the opportunity to join forces with a well-known architect and together they formed the limited partnership, Tiemer&Rieder Architektur Gstaad, in 1991. This partnership was so successful that when his partner retired in 2002, Max Rieder was able to buy him out and establish his own company, Rieder Architekur AG.

Today he runs a company which employs more than 16 people, provides high end services to international clients and has its own real estate company. Max Rieder is married and has two adult children. Despite his many responsibilities, he always makes time for his passion for sports, especially ski touring.